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How to Watch an Entire Korean Drama in One Weekend

Source: DramaFever

As a seasoned veteran of asian dramas, I can say that I am kind of a pro at binging on a series. Over the 7 years that I have been watching jdramas and kdramas, I have watched over 200 dramas. I enjoy them more than American television and with good reason. One of the great things about KDramas is that there are generally 16-25 episodes in one series, usually 16. Each episode is exactly one hour more or less. This is good for multiple reasons. For one thing, all the drama and chaos that would be dragged out into 10 seasons of an American TV show, all the plot twists and juicy drama are packed into these episodes. It makes each episode more exciting to watch. Next, it is easier to binge on a kdrama and finish before the weekend is out with more than a few extra hours to study. But how do you binge on an entire series in one weekend? I'm going to teach you!

Step 1: Create a cot
Whether its on your bed, on your couch or on your floor, use lots of blankets and pillows to make the comfiest cot you can attain. Make sure you include your laptop board so your laptop doesn't overheat and a place for your snacks and drinks

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Step 2: Gather food for the long weekend
So you will need food and drinks to survive the long weekend. In my stash I usually have pocky, swedish fish, salt and vinegar lays, vitamin water and cup ramyun. Shin Ramyun is the best ramyun you will ever eat out of a package. After cooking the ramyun, it is customary to eat it with a boiled egg (That you crack on your head) or top the ramyun with a raw egg that cooks from the steam of the ramyun. Both ways are absolutely delicious! Keep a jug of water close to you too so that you don't dry up over the weekend. Chapstick and comfy pajamas are perfect too. And never ever go without your phone, unless you are going through drama depression in which you will need to spend time alone.

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Step 3: Start early!
KDrama binges are perfect to start at around 9 on Friday night. You most likely won't be doing much on Friday if you want to binge on KDrama all weekend.

Step 4: Follow a schedule
If you start at 9 and sleep at 4, you will have gotten through at least 5 or 6 episodes. Then you sleep until 11 or 12 on Saturday. After showering and getting whatever you need done, you will probably be back on your schedule at 1 in the afternoon. You will probably watch another 4 or 5 episodes before your mom tells you to eat dinner or something. After dinner, you will only have 6 or 7 episodes left. Determination and late night ramyun will help you to succeed.

Step 5: Finish your drama
On your last episode you will think "Oh my god, it's almost over! What will I do?" Well, young one, you will sleep. And you will love your sleep as your dreams will be filled with the usual happy ending or surprise twist of your drama. Don't worry, its a good feeling to finish a drama although you will probably look like this:

Source: tumblr

You did it! You completed your first kdrama binge. Now you can tumblr all the tags, ship your OTPs, and write fanfics about the ever after life of your couple. It will be a long road full of Second Lead Syndrome, evil umma-nims, spoiled chaebols falling in love with poor girls, and much more. But once you start, you won't be able to stop! I guarantee it!

Source: DramaFever

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