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Hello! I'm Asha, a college student from Chicago. I created this blog to write about things I like or don't like and that is mostly comprised of Korean entertainment. I just like  to write about stuff that I like so that's what this blog is about. So stay a while, learn a little and have a little fun! (:

A few things about me:
<----This is a picture of me

  1. I'm a tour guide, professional backwards walker
  2. I love elephants
  3. My dog's name is Whiskey and he is the cutest dog to walk to the Earth
  4. I can't wait to go to Korea! The South, not the North
  5. I have been self-teaching myself Japanese & Korean since I was 14 years old
  6. I collected stuffed animals for a long time but I gave a lot of them away for a toys and clothes drive earlier this year.
  7. I have a penpal in Singapore
  8. I'm an awful singer, but I used to sing for a few bands when I was younger, they were all online.
  9. Tangled! I love Tangled!
  10. As you may have guessed there is more Korean and Japanese music in my library than American, but I love the band fun. and Nate Ruess will always have a special place in my heart

Neomu saranghaeyo,


I do not own most of these photos, they were retrieved from tumblr & dramafever.com unless otherwise stated

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