Friday, October 31, 2014

Dessert Twice a Day?

Here in my homeland America. I grew up on deliciously sweet breakfasts. I'm talking about pancakes, waffles, french toast, cereals that are made out of cookies, crepes, and all other sorts of delicious sweets. Even protein, sweet and spicy chicken sausage, or a classic old favorite brown-sugar baked bacon, where you lay a package of bacon out on a pan and cover it in butter and brown sugar and bake it. You get a delicious, crispy, sweet bacon to eat with your morning breakfast. It's quite perfect actually. Personally, I love it, and I believe that if you eat sweets early in the morning, its best because you will work it off through the day. As I delve into Asian culture, I noticed that they eat breakfast a bit differently. Rather than sweet delicious desserts for breakfast, they would eat soups, and rice, even fish. These foods give you energy throughout the day and are really good protein based foods. So I have decided to compare the breakfast of American's to Korean breakfast.

So a typical American breakfast is a sweet bread, like pancakes, or waffles a meat, usually sausage or bacon, potatoes, like hash browns or home fries, eggs, scrambled or over easy, coffee, and juice, usually orange. It is a particularly hearty breakfast because it is considered the most important meal of the day. It takes a while to eat and most families will eat this meal together. We like sweet foods so if our food isn't very sweet, our coffee and juice will be.

Source: Hostell Bookers

A traditional Korean breakfast usually consists of rice, a couple of soups, meat and banchan (side dishes) which are usually pickled vegetables, kimchi and beans. However, Koreans also like simple things for breakfast, just like others. One common breakfast is fruit, toast and jam, and eggs. They also eat egg sandwiches on the go and eggs and tofu which is usually served with vegetables, fruit, and kimchi.

Source: flikr

While I love American food, it seems exciting to eat almost dinner foods for breakfast, for a while I would eat Japanese breakfast, usually miso soup rice, and vegetables, so I could feel more connected to the culture when I studied the language. But nothing beats my mom's brown sugar bacon. Yum yum!

Neomu Sarahaeyo!


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