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Ramyun: KDrama's Best Companion

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So you plan on watching a few KDramas today eh? Well, the best way to binge on drama is to eat well while you do it. So this post will be dedicated to teaching you how to make this delicious meal (:
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Ramyun is best paired with KDrama because in KDrama the most popular meals are ramyun, ddukboki, or grilled pork belly and soju. All the actors in the show eat these cheap delicious meals and when you are watching you will become so hungry while they are eating it!

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Let's start with what ramyun to choose. The best instant Ramyun is Shin Ramyun, but sometimes that maybe a bit out of your budget. My second pick, obviously, is Maruchan. There are plent of brands of ramyun that you can pick from, especially if you go to an Asian market or International Superstore.


Cup & Bowl Ramyun
If you bought the bowl ramyun, then all you have to do is boil some water, pour the package of soup base and vegetables int the bowl, crack an egg on top, then pour the boiling water onto the ramyun and gently over the egg.
Cover with a plate or something so the steam will cook the noodles and egg. This takes about 3.5 minutes. Any longer and your ramyun will be soggy! Mix your soup base well but he careful not to burst the egg, you have to save that part for later. Throw a bowl of rice into the microwave and set aside. You will need this momentarily.
Once your ramyun is all ready, cuddle into your covers, turn on your kdrama and burst that egg! The yolk and the ramyun have such a delicious taste! Remember the rice you warmed up? Once you finish eating your ramyun, take the rice and pour it into the bowl or cup ramyun. The soup base and the rice is a delicious way to finish all that soup and fill you up completely! You could even have some kimchi if you are still hungry.

Pot Ramyun
So generally when making ramyun from a pot (my favorite way) you need a few more things. So I made another list:

  1. Package of Ramyun 
  2. Egg
  3. Scallions
  4. Soy sauce
  5. Chili paste 

Ramyun is typically eaten out of a small pot. It saves dishes!
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Boil a small pot of 2 cups of water. Add the soup base, a little soy, some chili paste and some scallions. Once it has a nice mix, add the ramyun brick. After two minutes turn and an egg on top and cook for one more minute. Then turn the pot off and put the top on. The steam will cook the egg more but dont wait too long or your ramyun will be soggy!
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Once you are cozy in bed open your top and bust the yolk. Mix it up and watch your favorite kdrama while you eat! Also, make sure you use the top to hold your ramyun as you eat! Amazing no drip method! Happy eating!

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Neomu saranghaeyo!


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