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KPOPALYPSE: The KPop World is Falling Apart

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The KPop fandom is in currently in a state of chaos. Why? Because the KPop world is in a state of chaos. Between lawsuits, death, concert tragedies, and more, the KPop fandom is not sure what to do with themselves right now. I am not sure what to do with myself right now. This has been the worst year to be a KPop fan. So much has happened that I can't wrap my head around. I am literally losing it. 

For starters, Park Bom, from 2NE1 could be going to jail at some point for "accidentally" smuggling narcotics from the US into Korea. Okay, I know how that sounds. The official story is that she didn't know the drugs were illegal when she brought them, she grew up in America and her family lives there and the medication was prescribed to her in the States. The official statement from her entertainment company, YG, is as follows:

“As fans may already know, 2NE1’s Park Bom grew up in the United States before her debut and had dreams of becoming a soccer player. During one soccer match, she witnessed the death of a teammate on the field, after which she fell in a slump, with the extreme trauma and the depression that followed. For several years afterward, she received counseling and treatment, taking medication prescribed to her by a university hospital in the States."

She was caught at the airport nearly 2 years ago, however, this information was released to the public in June and now Bom has been in a sticky situation leaving 2NE1 fans in an awkward position. Now there are rumors of 2NE1 breaking up. And to add fuel to the fire, it was announced on Friday that 2NE1 will not be participating in any year activities. If 2NE1 breaks up, I am not sure what I will be able to do with myself.

After that incident, things just got worse. Sulli from f(x), my second favorite member after Krystal, decided to go on a "temporary hiatus" because of negative reactions from her fans after her romantic relationship with Choiza, member of Dynamic Duo.

Then early this September, up and coming idol group Ladies' Code was thrown for a loop when a bus accident took the lives of 2/5 members, EunB and RiSe. It is unclear what their management company Polaris Ent plans to do with the members after the accident, but my heart still goes out the the families that lost the talented girls. May they rest in peace.

As if that wasn't enough, Dahee from GLAM and Korean model Jiyeon blackmailed Lee Byunghun, Lee Min Jung's husband because he didn't buy them a new house for each of them. They released footage of them "speaking on intimate subjects". They even told him that they wanted $5 million! Dahee planned on taking the money and fleeing out of the country. Once the video was released, the girls were both arrested for blackmail and Byunghun's marriage with Lee Min Jung is falling apart. She is currently living with her parents.

Then another scandal famously appears. Kim Hyun Joong became a woman beater! KHJ is Kpop band member of SS501, and more famously known as Yoon Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flowers. But here's the kicker: there was not one, not two but four. Four assault allegations against him! He only admitted to one, but who knows. I am sorely disappointed, as are the other kpop fans right now. Even if his girlfriend drops the charges against him, I am not sure how his image will recover from this.

Literally one day later, the KPop fandon was thrown another curve ball at the end of Septemeber when, the all famous Girls' Generation lost a member. SMEnt dropped Jessica, one of their most popular members from the group! Jessica was the main vocalist for the group. She and her sister Krystal (from f(x)), were born in San Francisco and travelled all the way to Korea to be KPop idols. SMEnt fired her without notice as well and now Sunny has taken over all of Jessica's lines. Losing a GG member really hit me hard, I'm just glad it wasn't YoonA that was fired. My faith in SM still wavers though.

Not even a week after Jessica was fired, KARA members Nicole and Jiyoung announced they will be leaving the group pending the expiration of their contracts.

As if things hadn't gotten worse, MBLAQ's Lee Joon is leaving the group to pursue acting, Thunder is leaving after his contract expires and the rest of MBLAQ are rumoured to be going to the army after their concert ends. So there is a big chance that MBLAQ will be disbanding at the end of November.

Then the KPopalypse continued when EXO has started to have problems...AGAIN. First Kris left the group in May after suing SMEntentertainment for mistreatment, and now Luhan has also sued SMEnt and left the group due to what was reported as "health issues"

Early last week another incident happened. At a 4Minute concert in Seongnam, a ventilation gate collapsed from people standing on it and 16 people died after falling 20 meters to their deaths. Now, we can't even go to concerts without getting hurt. Okay, so this accident was not 4Minute's fault, but netizens are not reacting to all this well. Has an omen been placed on the KPop world? We are trying to stay strong through this but what can we do when our idols are struggling so much? I think the worst part of this is that there are still 2 months left in 2014. I don't think I can take anymore! KPop and JPop were literally my only escape from reality. If I cannot got to KPop in my dark times, where am I supposed to go? KPop got me through high school! ): These are dark times, very dark times.

Neomu sarahaeyo,


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